Funeral Home Abuse Lawyers Network

Funeral home negligence, cremation mistakes and cemetery misconduct happen all too often in this country. The Funeral Home Abuse Lawyers Network  represents families in  funeral, cremation and cemetery lawsuits  across the United States. If a family member has been a victim of funeral home abuse please contact us online or call  us toll free 1-(800)-717-1457

Often the death of a loved one involves a combination of a funeral, burial or cremation
ceremony. Those left behind look to funeral home cemeteries and crematoriums for
peace of mind. In the last few years we have seen a rise in the following unscrupulous
acts by funeral, cemetery and cremation providers including:

  • Wrong bodies being cremated.
  • Bodies not being stored correctly.
  • Bodies not being correctly buried or not buried at all.
  • Improper embalming.
  • Multiple bodies placed in one coffin.
  • Body parts removed and sold.
  • Grave sites vandalized or covered with waste.

Funeral home abuse and exploitation can also include fraud and deception or fraudulent
pre-need contracts.

If you or a family member have been the victim of cemetery negligence, funeral home
negligence or cremation negligence please call us toll free 1-(800) 717-1457.
All consultations are free and entirely confidential.